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Have you been mistreated? 

Is someone screwing with you and no one will help?

Have you tried courts, lawyers and the police and nothing has worked?

Do you feel victimized and powerless?


I control human pests - kind of like an exterminator

Just send a description of your problem with as many details as you know, I will investigate and if your situation is something I believe I can help, and if I believe your cause is just, then I may take on your case and try to correct it.

The solution will be up to me. I act independently without your supervision. Due to the nature of some of the types of solutions I use, my name and location will remain confidential.  You will have plausible deniability and there will be no paper trail.

I do not take all cases and am not a hit-woman or gun for hire (accidents do happen though) but use creative self-help techniques to solve problems where others have failed – often outside the system. 

Send me your problem and I will see what can be done.


There will be a fee of course, and this will vary depending upon the nature of the solution. Payment will be sent to an anonymous mail drop which will be untraceable. It will be cash, with half down and half if and when I am successful. No refunds and no time limits. If I take the case I will send an email with an amount and an address, no dollar signs so only we will know what it means. I am not at the address but it will get to me.


All transactions are confidential.  You may not meet me in person or talk on the telephone unless I deem it absolutely necessary. I have to protect myself, you understand. Results are never  guaranteed but it is unusual for me to take a case and not achieve customer satisfaction.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Read the book about my story  No Regrets, No Remorse
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Drawing by Dan Hale
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