Human Pest Control

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About me:

I use the name Sydney Simone.

I started this service years ago after a pedophile raped and killed my young brother. Our parents had died in an auto accident several years before and I was raising him. It was just the two of us – now just me. They caught the guy and he was convicted, but then he appealed and the appeals court threw out the conviction on a technicality. So he was walking around free and taunting me! It was too much to take. Luckily he died when he fell in front of a subway car. Too bad. Then I realized other people needed justice and I wanted to help.

I have trained myself to be an expert in martial arts and firearms. I have expertise in computer skills and investigative techniques. I am a licensed pilot, including helicopters, have a marine captain’s license, am a certified dive instructor, a rock climber, long distance runner, explosives expert, and, if I do say so myself, a master of disguise. If I take the case I have numerous skills to bring to the table. Contact me. I might be able to help where everything else has failed.

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